Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments

Chapter 8: Sacraments 101: Holy Orders


Sacraments 101: Holy Orders (what ordination means)

Film Focus Point: Total running time 8:00 Busted Halo film explains the common priesthood of all believers and the three degrees of Holy Orders. Uses clips from an actual ordination ceremony.

Text Focus Point: Pages. 210-211; 217-221

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you live out your priestly office?

  2. How is the sacramental priesthood different from the common priesthood of all believers?

  3. Why does the Church only ordain men?

  4. What promises does the candidate make at his ordination? Why are those promises important to their life and ministry?

  5. Why would the Litany of Saints be such an important part of the ceremony to the candidate?

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