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Unit 8: The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization


The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization

Film Focus Point: Because the scope of unit eight is rather large, it is recommended that you consider particular episodes of the EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) series entitled The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization. (Episode 4 on the Galileo controversy is recommended in Unit 4 above.) Numerous historical periods are examined in the light of Church history with, as the title suggests, an eye toward examining the important and lasting effects on human civilization. The individual episodes along with the URL and running time are provided for your convenience.

The Series Premise from the EWTN website: “Contrary to popular opinion, the Catholic Church has been responsible for the vast bulk of what we treasure in Western Civilization. Series host, Dr. Thomas Woods, Jr. takes you beyond pseudo-historical attempts to minimize the Church's contributions to society, revealing how the Church has played an integral role in the Sciences, the University System, Western Moral Principles, Law, Economics, and much else besides.”


Synopsis: A synopsis of each episode can be found at the EWTN website.

Introduction Running time: 26:23

The Church And Science Running time: 26:51

Priests As Scientific Pioneers Running time: 25:53

The Galileo Files Running time: 25:10

The University System Running time: 25:36

Does God Exist? Running time: 26:27

The Monks Running time: 26:22

Catholic Charity Running time: 26:33

Western Morality Running time: 26:27

Concepts Of Rights And Law Running time: 26:22

The Origins Of International Law Running time: 26:28

The Anti-Catholic Atrocities That History Forgot Running time: 26:25

Wrap-Up Running time: 26:33

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