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Unit 2: The Monastery of Cluny


Faith Matters—The Church Program (The Monastery of Cluny)

Film Focus Point: This is a fascinating documentary on the history and importance of the Monastery of Cluny. Included are efforts to accurately recreate the monastery using 3-D imaging.

Text Focus Point: Pages 76-77

Discussion Questions

  1. Much of the Monastery of Cluny was destroyed as a result of the French Revolution. What ideas arose during the Revolution that led to the suppression of monasticism?

  2. Given the background provided by this documentary on the Monastery of Cluny, how did the monastery come to have so much influence on not only monastic reforms, but the far-reaching reforms of the Church as well?

  3. How do attitudes about preservation of historical sites differ today than they did throughout much of the past?

  4. Why is preservation so important?

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