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Unit 2: Scriptural Basis for Purgatory


Scriptural Basis for Purgatory–A Catholic Perspective by Tim Staples

Film Focus Point: Well-known Catholic apologist Tim Staples provides the scriptural background for the Catholic teaching on purgatory. Because this is a relatively short recording of a Catholic radio call-in show, it may be presented to students without the use of video.

Text Focus Point: Page 74

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do some Protestants reject the traditional doctrine on Purgatory?

  2. Tim Staples notes three Scripture passages that support the teaching on Purgatory. Which did you find most convincing? Why?

  3. The host of the radio show identifies herself as a convert to Catholicism and proceeds to offer a practical reason as to her acceptance of the doctrine of Purgatory. What was most convincing about her argument?

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