Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 10: What's up with all those Ecumenical Councils


Film Focus: Join Fr. Brad Doyle, the host of Coffee Talk, as he discusses the twenty-one Ecumenical Councils held by the Catholic Church. Although he is unable to provide an in -depth discussion of each council, he does touch briefly upon several of the major councils and their major proclamations and defines what it means to be an ecumenical council.


Text Focus: Pages 504-511


Discussion Questions:


1.   Pretend that a younger sibling sees your homework tonight and sees the words “ ecumenical council.” Give them a simple explanation of what this means.

2.   What did the Council of Nicaea clarify? Why is this important for our understanding of the person of Jesus?

3.   What is the significance of the title theotokos? Which council gave Mary this title?

4.   Why was the Council of Trent held and what were some of the important doctrinal issues which were discussed at that council?

5.   Do ecumenical councils create new doctrine or do they simply clarify what is already believed ?

Explain your answer.

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