Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 10: Revelation. Catholic Central


Film Focus: In another episode of Catholic Central, Libby and Kai, discuss the Book of Revelation. They begin the video by discussing the genre of apocalyptic literature in general and continue by touching upon some of the specifics of the Book of Revelation. The video concludes with a reminder that the book is not to be understood as a prediction of things to come.


Text Focus: Pages 490-502


Discussion Questions:


1.   What are some typical features of apocalyptic literature? What is a contemporary piece of apocalyptic literature, television, or movie that you have seen recently? What are some other examples of apocalyptic literature in Scripture?

2.   Explain how to read the Book of Revelation to someone who has just started to read the Bible.

Be sure to discuss how it is divided.


3.   How are numbers used in the Book of Revelation? Which numbers are important? What do they represent?

4.   Should the Book of Revelation be viewed as a prediction of the precise date or sequence of

events of the end of time? Explain your answer.

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