Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 9: Pauline Letters. Catholic Central


Film Focus: In this episode of Catholic Central, Libby and Kai discuss St. Paul’s life and the letters attributed to him in the New Testament. They discuss his dramatic conversion as well as the content and controversy surrounding many of his letters.


Text Focus: Pages 430-435


Discussion Questions:


1.   What is one of your favorite Pauline verses? Why? If you do not have one, take time to find one now.

2.   What are some of the reasons why St. Paul wrote his letters? Gives some examples of his different kinds of letters.

3.   What was one of the many issues that St. Paul addressed in his letters? Why was this a problem in the early Church? How did St. Paul suggest resolving this issue?

4.   How might we deal with difficult passages in St. Paul. Pick a passage that is often misunderstood and examine how to properly understand it.

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