Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 7: Overview of the Acts of the Apostles


Film Focus: Fr. Jeff Mickler, SSP discusses the Acts of the Apostles as truly a tale of the acts of the Holy Spirit in the early Church. He walks the viewer through the most significant parts of the text as one who is discussing a beloved novel with which he is intimately familiar.


Text Focus: Pages 350-358


Discussion Questions:


1.   Why do you think that Christianity was initially called “the Way”?

2.   Fr. Mickler speaks of the Acts of the Apostles as a good novel that he could not put down. Was this your experience with this book? What was your favorite part of this book? Who was the most interesting character?

3.   What were some of the weaknesses in the early community? Do we still struggle with some of these same weaknesses today? Explain your answer.

In the early part of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul is a persecutor of Christians. What happens to make

him change? Have you ever had a moment that has m ade you make a dramatic change like St. Paul?

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