Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 7: St. Luke HD


Film Focus: This video provides a very brief introduction the Gospel of Luke, focusing primarily on the person of Luke, his unique stories, and his emphasis on Mary and women in the Gospel.


Text Focus: Pages 334-335, 369-374


Discussion Questions:


1.   What are some things you know about St. Luke?

2.   What are some unique events and parables that are recorded in the Gospel of Luke? Find two Scripture passages that are unique to Luke and discuss what can be learned from these passages.

3.   How are women portrayed in the Gospel of Luke? How is this similar and different from th e

other Gospels? Find two Scripture passages as examples.

4.   What are some ways that St. Luke is typically portrayed in art? How might you choose to portray him if you were asked to make a piece of art?

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