Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 6: Matthew's and His Audience--Matthew's Gospel Course 1.4 Catholic Bible School


Film Focus: This video provides a very basic introduction to the authorship and audience of the Gospel

of Matthew. One of its strength is that it explains that the Gospel calls its readers to action and so invites the viewers of the video to action as well.


Text Focus: Pages 286-290


Discussion Questions:


1.   What are some different ways in which we can say that one is an author of a text?

2.   How does the character of Matthew as an outcast show up in Jesus’ treatment of people in this

Gospel? How might it inform your treatment of the people around you?

3.   Who is the main audience of the Gospel of Matthew? How does this impact his message?

4.   What is the Gospel of Matthew asking of us today? Discuss several concrete ways you can

respond to Jesus’ message in this Gospel.

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