Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 5: The Paschal Mystery


Film Focus: This video uses the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy as a launching point to discuss the Paschal Mystery as a basis for sacramental life in the Church. Several priests speak beautifully as to how Baptism unites us to the dying and rising with Christ and expound upon how Christ’s presence in the Liturgy enlivens our whole lives.


Text Focus: Pages 252-265


Discussion Questions:


1.   What is the Paschal Mystery? Pretend that you are talking to someone who has never heard this term before and explain it to them in an easy to understand way.

2.   Why is the Paschal Mystery the foundation for Catholic practice and identity?

3.   What are the four ways that Christ is made present in the liturgy? Why is this significant?

4.   What are some ways you can see the Paschal Mystery present in your life?

5.   Discuss each of the Seven Sacraments, how might a person experience the Paschal Mystery in each sacrament?

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