Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 3: Israel's Northern Landscapes--Galilee & Golan Heights


Film Focus: This brief video contains no words but takes the viewer through many of the places where

Jesus walked. It provides a quickly birds-eye view of the places where the New Testament took p lace.


Text Focus: Pages 116-124


Discussion Questions:


1.   What do you think is the same today and in Jesus’ time in Palestine? What has changed?

2.   Looking at the actual places where the stories of Scripture occurred, is this what you expected?

Why or why not?

3.   Pick one of the locations shown in the video and find at least one Scripture story which took place in that locale. How might have the landscape played a role in this story?

4.   After seeing this video, where is one place where you would like to visit in Palestine? Why?

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