Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 3: Capernaum, the town of Jesus


Film Focus: This video shows beautiful vistas of Capernaum while discussing some of its significant history. It also focuses on its importance as a historical site for the Gospels and the possibility that the ruins of the ancient house here belonged to the apostle, Peter.


Text Focus: Pages 116-124


Discussion Questions:


1.   What Scripture stories took place in the town of Capernaum?

2.   What do you notice about the landscape in the town of Capernaum?

3.   Discuss some of the stages of development unearthed by archeologists in Capernaum.

4.   What archeological evidence is present to show that the house in Capernaum is historically the house of Peter?

5.   Why are some of the ruins in Capernaum still unexcavated? Do you think this is a good decision?

Defend your opinion.

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