Encountering Jesus in the New Testament (Third Edition)

Chapter 1: Did Historians Get Jesus' Birthdate Wrong?


Film Focus: Professor Geza Vermes and Dr. Helen Bond discuss their findings that some of the pieces of extra-biblical knowledge that are available today suggest a different birthdate for Jesus that the one we typically celebrate.


Text Focus: Pages 22-27


Discussion Questions:


1.   Why is the presence of sheep in the Nativity narratives somewhat in dicative that we might have

the incorrect date for Jesus’ birth?

2.   When was December 25 chosen as the date of Christmas? Why was it chosen?

3.   When does this video say that biblical and historical evidence suggests that Jesus was born?

Why? Find the passages in your Bible to support your answer.

4.   Does it matter to your study of Jesus whether you know the precise day and time of his birth?

Discuss and defend your answer.

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