Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 8: More Young Christians Heed Call to Become Priests and Nuns


More Young Christians Heed Call to Become Priests and Nuns | NBC Left Field


Film Focus: Millennials often get the reputation for being irreligious. However, the reporter in this video, Katie Engelhart, delves into the topic of millennials choosingreligious life. She states that while it is not a hugely popular choice, it is one that has increased in recent years. By interviewing several different religious, she explores some hot button issues surrounding religious life and discusses the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.


Text Focus: Pages 321-325, 330-331


Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think that the number of people who are choosing religious life has begun to increase since the year 2000?
  2. When religious take the vow of chastity, what does that mean? How is this different from what our culture might think it means?
  3. What does it mean to embrace poverty in the religious life?
  4. Describe what a sister’s day might be like. What does this have to do with the vow that consecrated men and women take to obedience?

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