Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 8: Consecrated Life Through the Ages


Consecrated Life through the Ages


Film Focus: This video discusses the transformation of religious life during the course of the past 2000 years. It begins by discussing the scriptural foundations for the celibate life and moves through history, touching upon each of the significant figures in the history of religious life.


Text Focus: Pages 311-316


Discussion Questions:

  1. After the Great Persecution, how did early Christians seek to give themselves completely to the Faith? Why did they choose to do this?
  2. Who is St. Benedict of Nursia? What was his great contribution to monastic life?
  3. During the Middle Ages the monasteries of Europe had a major role in preserving culture. What are three or four things that monasteries did to help the culture during this era?
  4. How did mendicant orders differ from the orders that had come before them? Why is this significant?
  5. Different forms of religious life have prospered at different times in history based upon the needs of each society. Discuss how during each era religious communities adapted to meet the needs of their own society.

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