Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 8: Vocation Testimony


Vocation Testimony -Sister Therese Marie, T.O.R.


Film Focus: In this video, Sr. Therese Marie discusses how she went from a college student who was dating and actively involved in sorority life to feeling the call to become a religious sister. She explains how she overcame many struggles, including her own reticence to embrace this life, and shows how this call to religious life was the fulfillment of what Jesus wanted for her life.


Text Focus: Pages 307-310


Discussion Questions:

  1. How did the holy lives of the Brothers of Hope affect Sr. Therese Marie?
  2. What does Sr. Therese Marie mean when she says she spent two years “dating the Lord?” Have you ever considered setting some time apart from dating to discern what God is calling you to do with your life?
  3. Sr. Therese Marie speaks about initially resisting the call to become a sister. Discuss some ways that she tried to ignore her calling.
  4. Have you ever experienced a time when you resisted a calling from the Lord? What did you do? What lessons did you learn?
  5. Sr. Therese Marie discusses many things that she did to help her in her process of discernment. What are you currently doing to help you discern your vocation? If you are not doing anything, brainstorm one or two things you could realistically do to open your heart more to hear God’s call.

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