Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 7: The Day My Life Changed Forever


The Day My Life Changed Forever


Film Focus: In this video, Fr. Casey Cole reflects upon his recent ordination to the priesthood. He discusses in detail how he chose to incorporate both men and women into his ordination Mass in appropriate roles. He walks the viewer through the ordination Mass so that they can see what really happens at this liturgy. Please note: The last three minutes include congratulations from some of Fr. Casey Cole’s friends and family. This could be omitted when played in class.


Text Focus: Pages 281-285


Discussion Questions:

  1. How was Fr. Casey Cole’s preparation for his ordination like preparing for a marriage Mass?
  2. Why was it important to Fr. Casey Cole that women were part of his ordination Mass? What does this say about the complementarity of the vocations?
  3. What ordained roles are necessary for celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Orders?
  4. What are some parts of the ordination rites you saw in this video?

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