Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 5: Marriage & Cohabitation


Marriage & Cohabitation - Catholic Speaker, Ken Yasinski


Film Focus: Longtime Catholic speaker, Ken Yasinksi, discusses the high breakup rate of couples who begin their relationship with cohabitation. He gives statistical information on the likelihood of breakup based upon cohabitation and proposes God’s design for marriage as an antidote to this issue.


Text Focus: Pages 198-201


Discussion Questions:

  1. Ken Yasinski uses the analogy of testing out a car to explain some people’s idea of cohabitation. Why is this not a healthy way to begin a relationship?
  2. What are some reasons that couples choose to live together before marriage?
  3. The speaker gives a number of statistics about how cohabitation makes a couple much more likely to divorce or never marry at all. Why do you think cohabitation has this effect?
  4. Discuss and brainstorm healthy and appropriate ways that a couple can get to know each other before marriage without cohabiting.

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