Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 5: Humanae Vitae-50 Years On...


Humanae Vitae - 50 Years On...


Film Focus: This video features several couples and a Catholic priest discussing the lessons about sex and marriage that they have learned through their lives and especially through reflection upon Humanae Vitae. There is a strong focus upon the unitive and procreative nature of sex and marriage.


Text Focus: Pages 186-187


Discussion Questions:

  1. How does a person learn to be human? Give concrete examples of how you have seen this happen in your life.
  2. Who is the third person that must be invited into a Christian marriage? What is their role?
  3. The Catholic Church views sex as good and holy. Why is this? How is this different from the way that the world views sex?
  4. What are the two main meanings of sex? How does the use of contraception change the meaning of sex?
  5. The love between man and woman is a sign of the love between God and the Church. Explain.

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