Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 2: Jason Evert: Friendship-A Time for Discernment


Jason Evert: Friendship-A Time for Discernment

Film Focus: In this clip of a talk given at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Jason Evert explains that when young people are taught about marriage and dating they are given a list of “thou shalt nots.” To bring some clarity to those seeking the married life, Jason Evert discusses the importance of friendship in the beginning of a romantic relationship.


Text Focus: Pages 89-91, 99


Discussion Questions:

  1. What does the current culture tell you about dating? How is this similar to or different from what you are learning from your faith?
  2. What are the benefits to not rushing into an intimate relationship?
  3. According to this video, what is the role of friendship in the dating relationship? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  4. Jason Evert says that one should not date another person unless they see themselves marrying that person. Do you agree or disagree? Why? If you disagree, what do you believe is the purpose of dating? Where have you gotten this idea? Does it line up with the biblical and Catholic principles you have learned?

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