Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 2: Complementarity of the Sexes


Complementarity of the Sexes


Film Focus: In this video, Logan and Jen discuss how society often juxtaposes men and women, placing them in opposition to each other. Using the words of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as other wise sources, Logan and Jen dispel this myth and discuss the truth that God created man and woman to serve and support one another.


Text Focus: Pages 81-83, 144-145


Discussion Questions:

  1. What stereotypes do you think of when you hear “battle of sexes”?
  2. God created man and woman to work together. Obviously, this has a very specific meaning within marriage. How might this inform your friendships and dating relationships right now?
  3. Give two to three examples of places where you see the complementarity of the sexes lived out in your everyday life.
  4. How do you feel about the idea of the husband as the head and the wife as the heart? Does this support or go against the way society typically portrays male/female relationships?

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