Your Christian Vocation

YouTube Videos, Chapter 2: What is Love?


What is Love? | Catholic Central


Film Focus: This Catholic Central video, hosted by Libby and Kai, discusses the four Greek words for love. It takes time to examine each Greek word and give examples of each type of love. The video ends by talking about agape, the highest form of love.


Text Focus: Page 75


Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the four Greek words for love? Briefly describe each type of love.
  2. Give an example from your everyday life where you see each kind of love active and alive.
  3. Pick one of the Greek words for love and discuss a situation where that kind of love could be used in a selfish or destructive manner. How would agape love help to remedy this problem?
  4. Think about each specific vocation, how might this vocation help a person to learn to love in a more selfless-agape way?
  5. How can you love in a more selfless-agape way in your daily life now? Brainstorm as many  ideas possible.

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