The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 9: Humanae Vitae: Blessed Pope Paul VI's Prophetic Pro-Life Work


Humanae Vitae: Blessed Pope Paul VI’s Prophetic Pro-Life Work


Film Focus: In this news report on the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Humanae Vitae, several experts discuss the historical situation surrounding the release of this document and how it served as a prophetic warning for some of the abuses currently present in our culture.


Text Focus: Pgs. 298, 324


Discussion Questions:


1.   What was happening historically in 1968 which created the need for a Church document like Humanae Vitae?

2.  What effect have these historical changes had on the formation of young people?

3.  How was Humanae Vitae received when it was first release? Why do you think this was so?

4.  How was Pope VI correct when he predicted that artificial birth control would

lead to the lowering of moral standard and the lowering of respect for women? Give two examples you have witnessed in your own life.

5.  How can personally share the Church’s beautiful teaching on human sexuality

with those around you today?

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