The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 9: What Was Vatican II?


What Was Vatican II?


Film Focus: In this video, Br. Casey Cole, OFM discusses the historical context of the Second Vatican Council. He outlines the principles underlying the Second Vatican Council. He concludes the video by explaining that the reforms introduced at the Council are not following the modern culture but rather recapturing the essential traditions of the Church.


Text Focus: Pgs. 303-309


Discussion Questions:


1.   What was occurring historically in the 1960’s? How did this affect the

implementation of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council?

2.  What are the two principles at the heart of the bishop’s agenda?

3.  What is the difference between the Church’s approach to the world before the

Second Vatican Council and after the Second Vatican Council?

4.  What was at the heart of the Second Vatican Council? Defend your answer.

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