The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 7: Introduction to the Scientific Revolution


Introduction to the Scientific Revolution


Film Focus: This video examines thesometimes earth shattering changes which were brought about during the Scientific Revolution as the old Aristotelian system was replaced by a more mathematical system of examining the universe.


Text Focus: Pgs. 221-224


Discussion Questions:


1.   What term was used to describe science before the nineteenth century? What disciplines were included in this term? What disciplines were not included in this term?

2.  What was one of the most importance contributing factors to the Scientific

Revolution? Explain how they are related.


3.  Name and describe several of the major shifts in the understanding of the natural philosophy which occurred during the Scientific Revolution?

4.  Why was mathematics added to “Natural Philosophy”?

5.  According to Butterfield, what new belief was born as a result of the Scientific

Revolution? Explain this new belief.

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