The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 7: The Galileo Myth


The Galileo Myth


Film Focus: This video discusses the hard questions of the Galileo affair and the interplay between science and religion. The video begins by clearing up the confusion about the treatment of Galileo. It shows that God is the Creator of all science.


Text Focus: Pgs. 221-224


Discussion Questions:


1.   Have you heard the claim that the Church is opposed to science and opposed to

reason? What are people’s standard arguments used to support this?

2.  Why were Galileo’s conclusions questioned during his lifetime?

3.  Why was Galileo really put on trial? Is this story the same or different from the one we often hear? In what ways?

4.  What is the correct way to understand the interplay between science and religion?

5.  Pretend that you have met someone who ardently believes that religion and science contradict each other. Practice what you would say to them to defend your belief.

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