The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 4: The Crusades: A Concise Overview for Students


The Crusades: A Concise Overview for Students


Film Focus: This video provides a well thought out overview of the purpose of the Crusades as well as touching briefly upon several of the major Crusades. The video highlights the Church’s involvement in the Crusades and presents a very balanced view of the conflict.


Text Focus: Pgs. 120-121


Discussion Questions:


1.   What do you know about the Crusades from popular culture? Is this different from what you read in your textbook or heard in this video? How so?

2.  Why were the Crusades undertaken?

3.  After what you have read and heard, would you classify the Crusades as offensive wars, defensive wars, or both? Explain and defend your answer.

4.  What are the defining characteristics of a crusade as outlined in this video?

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