The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 2: Catholic History in Less than Five Minutes (3) The Development of the Papacy


Catholic History in Less Than Five Minutes (3) The Development of the Papacy


Film Focus: Beginning with the notion of bishops as the leaders of their churches, the video explains how the five patriarchates in the early Church began to regard Rome, and the Bishop of Rome, as the center of unity and authority.


Text Focus: 48-49


Discussion Questions:


1.   Where does the word “bishop” originate? What is the role of a bishop?

2.  What five cities emerged as the patriarchates in the early Church? Which patriarchate became the center of unity and authority?

3.  Who was the first pope? What do we know about him?

4.  Give an example of early Roman primacy. What in this example sounds similar to our pope today?

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