The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 2: Fr. Mark Goring--Why do Catholics Baptize Infants?


Fr. Mark Goring – Why do Catholics Baptize Infants?


Film Focus: In this video, Fr. Mark Goring explains the Catholic practice of baptizing infants. He gives examples from both Scripture and the early Church Fathers to support this practice.


Text Focus: Pages 52


Discussion Questions:


1.   Is the tradition of baptizing infants a new practice? Explain your answer by listing early references to infant baptism in Scripture and the church fathers.

2.  What is the difference between having personal sin and Original Sin? How does this understanding affect our view of the need for infant Baptism?

3.  Does Baptism negate the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Why or why not?

4.  Have you been to an infant Baptism? What do you remember about the

celebration of this sacrament? If you have not been to one, find a video of an


infant being baptized such as this:



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