The History of the Catholic Church

Chapter 1: Pentecost




Film Focus: This Catholic Central presentation begins by identifying of the true nature of the Holy Spirit. The historical foundations of Pentecost as a Jewish feast are

discussed as well as how this feast took on new meaning for the Church in light of the descent of the Holy Spirit. The video concludes with the reminder that the Holy Spirit is still active in the life of the Church and in the lives of all believers.


Text Focus: Pages 13-14, 17-18


Discussion Questions:


1.   The Holy Spirit is often mistakenly thought of as a dove or fire. However, there is so much more to who the Holy Spirit truly is as the third person of the Trinity. Explain the Catholic belief in the Holy Spirit to someone who has never heard of the Holy Spirit.

2.  What is the origin of the celebration of Pentecost? How did this term take on new

meaning after Christ’s ascension into Heaven?

3.  Why was the gift of the Holy Spirit significant for the early Church? Why is the

Pentecost called the “birthday of the Church”?

4.  How have you experienced the Holy Spirit in your life? Reflect specifically on the quote from Pope Benedict XVI.

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