Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality (Third Edition)

Chapter 10: Catholic Generosity Warms the Poor


Catholic Generosity Warms the Poor

Film Focus: This video showcases the soup kitchen in Baltimore called Beans and Bread. This soup kitchen offers a variety of services to the homeless in the Baltimore area. In the video, you hear from a man who is himself homeless and several women who work at Beans and Bread.

Text Focus: Pages 347–349

Discussion Questions:

  1. What services are offered at Beans and Bread?
  2. Volunteer, Marie Wicks, speaks about seeing Jesus in each of the people that she serves. How can you better see Jesus in the people around you?
  3. What is something specific you can do to help those who are in need around you? Brainstorm as many ideas as possible.
  4. How are the people who work at Beans and Bread living out the tenants of Catholic social teaching?

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