Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality (Third Edition)

Chapter 8: Gianna Jessen makes us look like Pathetic Cowards


Gianna Jessen makes us look like Pathetic Cowards

Film Focus: This moving video shows Gianna Jessen testifying before Congress on the dangers of abortion. Hers is a very moving testimony because she is the survivor of an attempted abortion and lives as a beautiful prolife witness.

Text Focus: Pages 284–287

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever heard a story like that of Gianna Jessen? Is her story shocking to you?
  2. Some suggest that killing a person with a disability is an act of mercy. What would Gianna say to this?
  3. Do you view abortion as a women’s issue? Do you agree with Gianna that it is the responsibility of both men and women to oppose the killing of innocent children? Why or why not?
  4. After seeing this video, what would you tell a young woman considering abortion?

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