Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality (Third Edition)

Chapter 1: Vox Clamantis: The Principle of Subsidiarity


Vox Clamantis: The Principle of Subsidiarity

Film Focus: The Catholic principle of subsidiarity is discussed in this video starting from a foundation of how communities have historically supported each other through reciprocity. The video discusses the need for communities to care for themselves but when that is not possible, a larger segment of society must step in, so every human person is able to live a just life.

Text Focus: Pages 22–23

Discussion Questions:

  1. How is subsidiarity defined by Catholic theologians?
  2. What does subsidiarity call each person to do for themselves and for others?
  3. How does practicing community and subsidiarity showcase Catholic belief in the importance of each human person?
  4. What does subsidiarity have to do with globalization?

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