Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality (Third Edition)

Chapter 1: Life and Dignity of the Human


Life and Dignity of the Human

Film Focus: The focus of this video is the inherent dignity of each and every human person. In addition, it touches upon the necessity of making equality between human persons possible at the personal and institutional levels.

Text Focus: Pages 13–14

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does is mean to have an ethic of life? Does this focus just upon one issue or transcend many issues?
  2. Are there some classes of persons that are considered “expendable” in our society? Who? Why is this?
  3. Discuss a specific instance you have witnessed of a violation of the rights of a human person in your own life.
  4. How can you as an individual reduce these injustices you see around you? Give specific examples.
  5. What are some concrete ways our society reduce instances of systematic injustices?

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