Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality (Third Edition)

Chapter 1: The Gift of Human Being


“Fundamentals of Catholic Morality – The Image of God”

Film Focus: This video features Dr. Mike Brummond as he lays that foundation for the Catholic understanding of morality. He discusses the nature of the human person as created with an intellect and will and emphasizes the goal or purpose of the human person as sharing in divine nature.

Text Focus: Pages 3, 11–12, 15–17, 25–27

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God? How does this make us different from other created goods?
  2. What is the intellect? What is the will? What were each created to do?
  3. How do sin and grace affect our intellect and will? How do you see these affects in your daily life?
  4. What is the goal or end of a human person?
  5. How does this understanding of the goal of a human person affect how you are to judge the morality of your acts?

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