Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments (Second Edition)

Chapter 7: The Meaning of Suffering


The Meaning of Suffering

Film Focus: In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz discusses suffering from a Catholic perspective. He explains that because of the transformative power of the Cross, suffering has been redeemed and can be redemptive. Each person is called to become coworkers with Jesus in uniting our suffering with his own.

Text Focus: Pages 215–219

Discussion Questions:

  1. After watching this video, how would you answer the question, “why do we suffer?”
  2. Did Jesus come to take away suffering? Explain your answer.
  3. What does Fr. Mike mean when he says “redemptive suffering”?
  4. Has there been a time that you have offered your suffering for Jesus? If so, was your experience of that suffering different? If not, when is a time of suffering that you could “offer up” for Jesus?

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