Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments (Second Edition)

Chapter 1: The Sacramental Economy


The Sacramental Economy 

Film Focus: This video discusses the meaning of the term “sacramental economy” and connects the sacraments to the daily life of a faithful Catholic. In addition, this video briefly introduces the classical definition of a sacrament as an “efficacious, outward sign, instituted by Christ that gives grace”.

Text Focus: Pages 3–6, 19–21

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does the term “economy” mean in Catholic terms? How is this different from a secular use of the term?
  2. Dr. Drummond says, “to be a Catholic is to be a person of the sacraments.” Discuss two ways that you might live your own life so as to be a “person of the sacraments.”
  3. How are the sacraments connected to other aspects of a Catholic’s life?
  4. What is the definition of a sacrament?

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