Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition)

Chapter 9: Tips for Praying


Tips for Praying

Film Focus: In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz discusses the importance for prayer for our life as Christians. He offers four questions which help each person to direct their prayer life.

Text Focus: Pages 318-320

Discussion Questions:

  1. Fr. Mike suggests that the first way we can form a good prayer life is to determine when we will pray and then schedule our day around that prayer. When is it realistic for you to place prayer in your day?
  2. Fr. Mike explains that we need to choose an appropriate place for our prayer. Where is the place where you can settle to focus for prayer?
  3. Fr. Mike advises that we pick one prayer and stick with it for a season. What prayer would you like to begin and explore?
  4. Fr. Mike directs that we need a "why" for our prayer. What is your why?

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