Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition)

Chapter 7: The Four Last Things


The Four Last Things

Film Focus: In this video, Fr. Daniel O’Reilly discusses the Four Last Things using Scripture and the Catechism to clarify these difficult concepts.

Text Focus: Pages 252-260

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the Four Last Things?
  2. What does the Catholic Church mean when we say “death”? What are some other things people might mean by “death”? How is this difference significant?
  3. Why should it be a comforting fact that Jesus Christ who died for us is our judge? Do you find this to be comforting or frightening?
  4. What is your image of Heaven? Why do you have this image? For example, is it scripturally based, influenced by this world, or a family tradition?
  5. Hell is self-exclusion from God. God desires that not one soul is lost. What does this fact teach us about the nature of God?

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