Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition)

Chapter 4: Bible Theater: Luke—Jesus Calls His First Disciples


Bible Theater: Luke—Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Film Focus: This brief video is a simple retelling of the story of Jesus calling his first disciples.

Text Focus: Pages 120-122

Discussion Questions:

  1. These simple fishermen were unable to catch any fish own their own, yet with the simple presence of Jesus they caught enough that their nets were bursting. What does this mean for our lives?
  2. Upon seeing the net full of fish, Simon (Peter) fell to his feet in awe of Jesus and then went forth and changed his life. Have you ever had an experience of God which changed how you viewed everything around you?
  3. Simon (Peter) and the other apostles abandoned all that they knew and chose to follow Jesus. What would it take for you to abandon everything for Jesus?
  4. This video speaks about the call of Simon (Peter), Andrew, James, and John. There are eight other apostles that Jesus calls after this event. Look in your Bible and find the names of the other eight.

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