Sacred Scripture

Part 1E: The Prophet Ezekiel and the Sex Abuse Crisis (Fr. Robert Barron)


Fr. Barron Comments on The Prophet Ezekiel and the Sex Abuse Crisis

Film Focus Point: Father Robert Barron takes an understanding of Ezekiel 9 (God departs from the Jerusalem Temple) and relates it to the current crisis experienced by the Catholic Church due to the clergy abuse scandal.

Text Focus Point: Pages 161–164

Discussion Questions

  1. How is the Church related to the people of Israel?

  2. How does Father Barron understand the current crisis over sex abuse in the Church?

  3. How is God acting in the Church even through the sex abuse crisis?

  4. What is the optimistic tone at the end of Ezekiel 10? With what reassurance does Ezekiel’s vision provide us today?

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