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Part 1E: Romero Full Movie


Romero Full Movie

Film Focus Point: This 1989 movie depicts the final years in the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador. It illustrates how his gradual assimilation into the violent conflict in El Salvador led to his endorsement of peaceful protests against the violent military government, which eventually cost him his life.

Text Focus Point: Page 153

Discussion Questions

  1. Romero is reluctantly drawn into the clash between the peasants and the military regime in El Salvador. What moments were turning points for him in his resolve to oppose the government?

  2. Romero experienced opposition even from within his own ranks of the clergy. What was the conflict?

  3. What role did the sacraments play in the life of Romero?

  4. How does Romero change from the beginning of the movie until the end?

  5. Who should the Church support in El Salvador? Who should the Church support in the United States?

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