Sacred Scripture

Part 1D: Turn! Turn! Turn! Ecclesiastes 3:1-15


Turn! Turn! Turn! Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Film Focus Point: This is a musical video presentation of Pete Seeger’s song made popular by the Byrds that is almost entirely based on the first part of chapter 3 in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Text Focus Point: Page 142

Discussion Questions

  1. How faithful are the lyrics to the actual text found in the book of Ecclesiastes?

  2. This song was composed by the popular folk singer Pete Seeger. How does Seeger’s refrain (turn, turn, turn) relate to the biblical text?

  3. How would you summarize the sentiment of this passage?

  4. Ecclesiastes 3 is one of the most familiar and popular passages from sacred scripture. Why does it have such universal appeal?

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