Sacred Scripture

Part 1D: Jesus in the Psalms–1000 BC


Jesus in the Psalms–1000 BC

Film Focus Point: This music video features quotes from the book of Psalms that relate to Jesus. The passages cited in the video are: Psalms: 40:7, 78:2, 118:22 (the video erroneously cites Psalm 119), 22:16, 34:20, 22:18, 69:21, 22:1, 69:4, 41:9, 107:29, 89:48, 96:2, 72:17, and Isaiah 45:15.

Text Focus Point: Pages 138–141

Discussion Questions

  1. Look at the passages quoted in the music video. What connection do they have to Jesus? Can you identify the corresponding passage in the New Testament?

  2. Someone once observed that Jesus is only man in history to have his biography written before his birth. How is that validated by this video?

  3. Why is it poignant that the author ends the music video citing Isaiah 45:15?

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