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Part 1C: Archenemy: The Philistines


Archenemy: The Philistines 1 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

Film Focus Point: This is the first part of a documentary produced by The History Channel that details the ongoing conflict between the ancient Philistines and the Israelites. It features on-location video and numerous biblical quotes. Depending on how much time is available, it may be desirable to show additional portions of this program.

Text Focus Point: Pages 96–97

Discussion Questions

  1. Why were the Philistines so feared by the Israelites? Was this fear merited?

  2. What does the word “philistine” suggest in the modern lexicon? What does it mean to refer to them as “uncircumcised"?

  3. Why were the Jews reluctant to live in peaceful cohabitation with the Philistines in the Promised Land? Consider both theological and social reasons.

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