Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry

Chapter 2: Mary’s Magnificat


How Can Jesus Be Both God and Human?

Book Resources: Chapter 2: How Can Jesus Be Both God and Human?

Film Focus Point: Fr. Robert Barron covers very briefly and clearly what Catholics believe about Jesus’ divinity and humanity, including a discussion of various false teachings about Jesus’ divinity and humanity. 

Text Focus Point: Pages 31-34, 37-39

Discussion Questions

  1. Define hypostatic union. Why is this so important to Catholic theology?
  2. What are two examples from Jesus' earthly ministry where his human and divine nature could have been “mixed, mingled or confused,” but were not?
  3. Define Nestorianism, Docetism, and Arianism. Give one example from Jesus’ life and ministry in the Gospels that disproves each.

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